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A Must See Attraction in Jamaica

If you’re planning a vacation to Jamaica, and you want more than the all-inclusive hotel can offer.  Rent a bus, take a tour, or hire a driver there are many beautiful natural and lesser known attractions to explore.  One of them is YS Falls.  The scenery is just incredible!  I am sure you won’t be disappointed, so skip Dunn’s River this time and take the drive inland to YS Falls in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

Ok, if you happen to be in Ocho Rios, then do visit Dunn’ s River falls, it is also very beautiful.  I’ve been to Dunn’s River many times since I was a kid.  However, this was the first time I’d ever been to YS Falls and I could not believe what a gem this place really is.  The pictures should give you an idea.

Jungle Paradise.

So, on this particular day, we were scheduled for the family reunion banquet later that evening.  My cousin Rohan and I both spoke about possibly squeezing in a trip to YS Falls the day before.  I knew this might be a problem for my family because for some reason there is always something more important to do than actually have fun on vacation with my family.

Usually there is some errand that has to be run or appointment to be made always during the vacation and not before or after.  In this case, there was an appointment to be made.  I won’t get into details, but we managed to get all of that done and still make it to the falls for a nice afternoon and make it to the banquet in time for dinner.

I don’t think anyone regretted going to the falls, despite the minor family conflict, I had to cause in order to make it happen.

I am also sure, I am probably the only one who remembers.

Well, after all the errand running, we did finally arrive at YS Falls at mid-afternoon.  I didn’t walk all the way up to the top or do the zip-lining that day, but I have vowed to return to do the elusive zip-line.

Elusive only to me.  I have been so many places and have seen zip-lining tours through rainforests, jungles, with Gibbons, and over waterfalls and I have yet to ever try it.  Hopefully one day soon.

It’s about a 10 minute tractor ride from the entrance to the base of the falls.  The Jamaican Tourist Board has done a great job of re-vitalizing and renovating the grounds of many of the tourist attractions around the island and I was very impressed with the way they have made this attraction so tourist friendly.

YS Falls has many different tiers with natural pools you can wade in, going all the way up to the top.

Look ma, no hands!

The rope-swings had to be the highlight of this day trip.  My nephew and my brother had an amazing time doing the rope swing jump.

I don’t think I had seen such a joyful expression on my brother’s face since he was a little boy.  Then to see him and his son taking turns on the rope-swing was priceless.

I wish now that I would have turned on the video camera to capture it.  Well, the pictures are fantastic, so we will just have to enjoy these for that great memory.

With no doubt, as soon as Kamali saw the jump he was getting in line.  I think Darren was a little apprehensive about Kamali doing it, but then once, he saw him do it, he started considering jumping it himself.  Which he finally did several times!

Devon was not feeling well, I can’t remember the reason why, I think maybe his stomach was bothering him.  So he did not join in.

I didn’t do the swing either, because I was afraid!

Afraid to get my locks all messed up!  I had just gotten my hair twisted all nice and neat for the reunion, so I didn’t want to jump in.

Now, you knew there had to be a good excuse why I wasn’t jumping too.  Any place where I have the opportunity to get air-born for a few seconds and you know I’ll do it.

Tarzan ain’t got nothin’ on me!
Watch carefully. This is how it’s done son!

Soaring to new heights, Darren and Kamali continued to out jump each other!  One time Kamali did not let go of the rope and jumped his way back on to the platform.  I admit that one really made me nervous, but he handled himself well and they both came out unscathed with their adrenaline rush for the day.  The rest of us frolicked in the wading pool with the small rope swing.

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Did I mention how cold the water was?  Wow!  It was freezing!  Considering how hot it was, I couldn’t believe the water could be so cold.  It was refreshing once you got used to it.  It had to be in the high 80’s or 90’s fahrenheit that day, so it was nice to get a chance to cool off.

You don’t even need to get wet to enjoy the falls.  There is a partially wooden and natural staircase/path and there are 7 waterfalls that go up to the top.   At the very top you can take the canopy tour zip-line down at an additional cost.  You can also rent a tube and go tubing in the river, the guides will show you where.

  • Entrance Fee:  Adult – $17 USD ~ Child – $8.50 USD ~ CLOSED Mondays and Local Holidays
  • Hours:  9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Recommended:  Aqua socks, or water shoes for wading pools.  Sneakers for canopy ride.
  • Canopy Tour/Zip-line:  $30 USD
  • Tubing:  $6 USD
Dragonflies mating on a Bird of Paradise flower.

For more information about YS Falls click here.

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