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Family Reunion Picnic in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

– My Father’s Hometown –  St. Elizabeth – Jamaica – On our last day in Saint Elizabeth, and the day after the reunion banquet I drove my family up the long steep road into the Santa Cruz mountains where my father and his twelve siblings once lived.  We had a very large mini-bus and the road was very narrow, but since there is more than one path up, we drove on what we heard would be…

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Darling Viewpoint Resort – Pai

Darling Viewpoint Resort was the first place I ever stayed in Pai, and the only place!  I’ve had plenty of other options, but I just kept going back.  There are many beautiful places to stay, but I didn’t try anywhere new, partly because it was a familiar place that feels like home, and because I wanted to see how Darling was doing and hear her call me “Darling”.  It’s so cute when she says it!…

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