Snowboarding Breckenridge Colorado Pic taken with insta360 X3 invisible selfie stick
Now I can take my own pics when snowboarding!

Best Camera for Snowboarding: The Insta360 x3

Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough

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Insta360 x3 Snowboarding Breckenridge, Colorado

Successful one-take run with the Insta 360 X3

I think this is the best 360 camera for snowboarding. Although, it’s the only 360 camera I’ve used for snowboarding. I am sure the Insta360 x2 works just as well.

I’ve used camcorders, digital cameras, and the GoPro over the years but I’ve never had that much success.

All of them died on the spot due to the cold weather, except for the camcorder, but back then, I couldn’t ride and film with that!

This is my first Insta360 x3 upload and I might have gotten a little overexcited when I saw what the Insta360 x3 captured.

The entire clip was taken in one shot and reframed many times to a dizzying degree, (forgive me), it was my first time trying to put a clip together that I could post on YouTube.

People have already asked me if I used the insta360 x3 helmet mount or a drone, but no, I held the insta360 invisible selfie stick in my hand which was a little tricky at first, but luckily, I had no accidents!

I got this nifty little camera back in November 2022, and I have other video footage of a number of things from skateboarding, bike riding, and just plain walking on the beach.

If you are interested check out the Insta360 website for more information.

The next step is learning to edit better which includes switching from editing in Adobe Premiere to DaVinci Resolve which is an amazing application I am excited to work with.

Stick around there will be more to come!

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