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Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai’s Old City

– Walk to Wat Chedi Luang –  Chiang Mai – Wat Chedi Luang translated as “Temple of the Big Stupa” dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.  It was once home to the Emerald Buddha one of the most sacred objects in Thailand.  The Emerald Buddha is now displayed in Bangkok at Wat Phra Khaew, which is the first temple, I ever visited in Thailand and was an experience that has great significance personally…

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Mon Tha Thon Waterfall Chiang Mai

5 Most Overlooked Chiang Mai Attractions

You keep learning, you keep advancing, and you never stop learning, don’t care how great a musician might be, or a singer or artist.– Dennis Brown There are so many things to see & do in Chiang Mai.  Animal lovers can pose with tigers, bathe with elephants and nature lovers can hike mountains and climb waterfalls.   History buffs and those seeking spiritual enlightenment can share the same space while exploring ancient temples, ruins, and…

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Things To Do In Pai – Bathe With Elephants!

The day I spent with these massive and amazing creatures was one of my most memorable days traveling in Thailand.  It was on my first trip to Pai, but first let me explain how this opportunity came about. Taxi Ride – Chang Phuak Bus Station to Arcade Bus Station After getting re-settled in a new apartment near Chang Phuak Rd near the old city and forfeiting my travel plans to Singapore, I went to the Immigration…

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Chiang Mai Temple Wat Phra That

Must See Chiang Mai Temple – Wat Phra That –

Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all. Kahlil Gibran Mountain View Doi Suthep Motor Bike Ride to Doi Suthep Late one afternoon Tyson and I decided to take the motorbike ride up to Doi Suthep ourselves to see the famous temple and viewpoints overlooking Chiang Mai. Many people refer to the temple as Doi Suthep but that is actually the name of the mountain,…

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