Skateboarding Summer Session at Bucky Dent Skatepark – Hialeah

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.

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Skateboarding at Bucky Dent Skatepark Hialeah

This was a fun hot summer day in Sunny South Florida skateboarding with the Saturday Painkillers at Hialeah’s Bucky Dent Skatepark.

I think Alex or Linus was blasting some old Led Zeppelin through their giant Bluetooth speakers. It got me all amped up because it brings back a lot of memories around when I first started skating in the mid-80s.

I remember back before I learned to skate transition I would watch some of my peers and some older teens riding the 1st halfpipe in our neighborhood, listening to a lot of punk rock.

But I especially remember Led Zeppelin, the single Black Dog to be exact. That was my favorite because it was so raw and so unpredictable.

It just threw me off guard watching these kids skate with such aggression, some with grace and some with clumsiness.

Hey, skateboarding wasn’t for everyone, but I knew it was for me once I started.

I’ll always associate Classic 70’s Rock, Punk Rock, and even New Wave, with my introduction to skateboarding.

Watching these guys dropping in and flying off the top and landing back in the half-pipe or slamming down to the bottom posed a challenge for me.

First I needed a skateboard, but that’s another story for another post!

Bucky Dent Skatepark

If you’re trying to find the address, you may find only Bucky Dent Water Park in your Google search.

However, the skatepark is literally right next to it. If you check the Satellite image you’ll see.

Bucky Dent Skatepark is located at:

2250 W 60th St, Hialeah, FL 33016

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