Why I Quit Travel Blogging

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.

There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Jawaharial Nehru
Travel blogging about my climb at Tiger Cave Temple Mountain Top Krabi coming soon.
One Step At A Time.
Why did I quit travel blogging?

There are a few reasons…

Like, how I was busy starting up an e-commerce business, or

when I got involved in a new relationship with a special someone (more on that later).

I also began working part-time with another larger e-commerce business, and I traveled to Jamaica, Thailand, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Among all of those activities, especially with getting to know someone new and their extended family, I just couldn’t settle down long enough to focus on writing stories for this travel blog.

However, I did travel, and there are plenty of stories I’ve been intending to share with you.

When people ask me “Why haven’t you written anything in a year?”

It would be easy to say… “Eh…I was busy.”

But, that wouldn’t be any fun, so let me explain in more detail.

Starting an online business.

The last real post that I authored was in February 2015 and it was about 10 Ways World Travel Can Enrich Your Life.  Following that blog post, there were only a few sporadic photo gallery posts for a few months after but no stories at all.  It wasn’t because I ran out of stories or photos, or that I was tired of typing these posts. I really enjoy writing about my travels and sharing them here.

I got a little side-tracked beginning at the end of August 2014, I signed up for an online course based on starting an e-commerce business.  The purpose for me was to build a semi-passive stream of income for me while giving me the flexibility and freedom to continue traveling. (more on that later.)

I completed the course, started a sole proprietorship (soon to be LLC) and developed a niche e-commerce website by the end of October 2014.  Within a few weeks I made my first sale on November 10th, 2014!  Realizing the potential, I went on to create another e-commerce site and for the following months focused on optimizing and growing these sites until they were profitable.

Unfortunately after 9 months, on my 2nd site, I shut it down.  My first site is still up and running and growing quickly because I continue to update it and maintain it.  While at the same time, I’m currently building a new e-commerce site, while sourcing new suppliers and uploading products which is a very tedious task.

Travel blogging and hustling made me rich - Wynwood Walls, Wynwood, 26th st. Miami Art District, Miami
One of my daily affirmations found painted in a mural near Wynwood Walls, Miami Art District.
Keep On Keepin’ On

In early 2015, I was focused primarily on building my own online business and my own self-development.  After those months of grinding, and working hard, on my stores, uploading products, and tweaking bids for Google PLA’s, I was becoming a little burned out and not seeing the success, I thought I would.   However, I continued to study and listen to various entrepreneurial/self-development audiobooks and podcasts that helped keep me motivated.

Even after a year, since returning from SE Asia, my life at home proved to be another time for growth, contemplation and awakening.  Some of this was due to my determination to pursue my desire to be a self-employed, location-independent “Digital Nomad”.

Every day, even now, continues to be a learning experience and my e-commerce endeavors are still growing.  I will talk more about that in future posts.

Another reason, I didn’t write any new posts, had a lot to do with meeting a very special woman, totally unexpectedly, but there are no coincidences and I have no excuses.

Starting a New Relationship

On March 20, 2015, Betina and I, met for the first time, at a bar where my favorite local reggae band was playing.  We had both been following the same band for nearly 10 years prior and had never met or seen each other before, yet many of our acquaintances including the band knew both of us.  Our chance meeting lined up so well and our connection was so synchronistic, that 6 months later we found ourselves on a twenty-something hour flight to Thailand.

All of our plans for that year coincidentally seemed to be established in that first conversation, because everything we talked about came to pass so quickly.

Travel Blogging partner in crime - Synchronicity begins in Ft. Lauderdale
Shortly after Betina and I met, we posed for a picture. ~March 20, 2015

The months following our first encounter we spent time on Miami beaches, paddle-boarded on the Intracoastal,  attended street festivals in the Miami Art District, visited the family regularly, worked on our own businesses, and spent lots of time planning a trip to Thailand.

So again, needless to say, I did not have much time left to spend writing blog posts about past trips or even current ones.  I definitely did not quit travel blogging, but, I’ve done my best to continue documenting my travels in 2015 through photography.

Betina and I also took a road trip to Georgia to see my brother, sister, and their families. Then we drove to North Carolina to meet her brother and his girlfriend, at their cousins home located on an organic farm!  A few weeks after that, I traveled to Jamaica for my Grand Aunt’s 90th birthday.

Traveling Abroad And At Home.

When Betina and I are together, even if we are just walking Dobie her dog, we’ve made it a habit to maintain a sense of excitement and awareness towards the beauty we find in nature all around us.

Rat Terrier Miami Dog Walking and travel blogging.
Adventure Walk??!! ~Dobie a.k.a. Dobie Wan Kenobi

Betina is an expert at noticing the details and she seems to always find some strange anomaly on our everyday path around the neighborhood.

It could be parrots flying overhead, iguanas camouflaged in the tree right in front of us or an octopus hiding in the waterway behind her apartment, she is gonna find it.

When I am alone, exercising in the park near my home I’ve also begun to notice so much more, and I find greater appreciation in the small details.

It may sound weird, but if you try it, you may understand what I mean. All you have to do is slow down and observe your surroundings, you’ll be surprised how many miraculous things you might notice that you take for granted.

Slowing down and learning to be grateful, makes those difficult days a little easier to bear.

I’ve been so focused on the next adventure I’ve neglected to appreciate the adventure every living day brings.  Sure, traveling in a new country, exploring, and accumulating more new experiences, is my passion.   Sometimes, I feel like I’ve seen and done everything in my hometown.  However, in the last year, I’ve learned to be content and grateful for each and every day even in my own backyard.

Stress is caused by being ‘here’ and wanting to be ‘there’. – Eckhart Tolle

Travel blogging is never over. Planning our tour of Bangkok..
Mapping out our plans for exploring Bangkok.

We both have a love and passion for travel, along with new experiences and it is our best intention to continue this journey and inspire others.
At this time, we are conspiring to continue our travels longer term and building the foundation that will allow that to happen.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last year, including continually learning patience, learning to be content and grateful and so much more especially from being in a new relationship.

But probably the most important thing is consistently reminding myself to remain conscious of and to enjoy the present moment.

One Away???

No, I am not changing the name to “Two Away” 🙂

“One Away” could mean a number of things to different people. I know what it means for me and it still applies.  Even if there are two of us traveling “away” together, the blog will still be called One-Away.   If you know me or get to know me you’ll understand.

Mon Tha Thon Falls Chiang Mai. #naturelovers #naturetrail #trails #chasingwaterfalls #hiking #chiangmai #doisuthep

In any case,  Betina and I plan to do some more traveling and more blogging.  I’ve found that she enjoys taking pictures and video, way more than I do!

Mainly, we are taking steps to bring Betina’s profession online which will allow her to work more remotely.

She is a licensed psychologist specializing in trauma and an expert in quantum neurofeedback.  She’s also honing her skills in a psychotherapy treatment called EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Now, that’s some heavy stuff, so maybe we’ll talk about that more in another blog post.

I am still working on scaling up my e-commerce stores, constantly adding new products and new manufacturers.  I also have many more ideas to put into action along with improving, my current streams of income.   I plan on adding more posts soon, with a lot more pics and videos.

Some say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I guarantee this old dog is learning something new every single day, and at least I am aware, that this is what we all should be doing.

I am still hungry and passionate about exploring and exposing myself to new cultural experiences.  I plan to share as much of my journey as possible here, so please, like, share, and, or subscribe.  I appreciate the support!

Those who are truly awake, live in a state of constant amazement.  -Unknown

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Brian Dennis is a full-time software engineer, some-time traveler and location-independent entrepreneur.

Chasing his passions in addition to travel in recent years has become a little challenging but even more fulfilling with his wife Betina and 1-year old son Divine.

Currently he is located in S. Florida and continues to share what he's learned with travel tips, guides and some motivating inspiration to encourage others to do more and experience more outside of their comfort zones.

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