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Building A Website

Resources and Tools I Use.
(Blogging or E-Commerce)

Ever since I started this travel blog I’ve been introduced to countless numbers of platforms, software applications, plug-ins, services, and more.

Many of these resources were required for building my websites, staying organized, remaining productive and even maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Through all of these online endeavors, I’ve accumulated quite a lengthy list of tools and resources.

Everything from online training, freelancing, graphic design, or just increasing my productivity has required some investment and often a learning curve.

Here I’ve listed a number of products that I have experience using on a regular basis.  Some of them I personally recommend or are highly recommended by mentors and influencers I follow.

Some of the links provided below are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission, but only if you make any purchases through those links.

Since my Resources List has become so extensive, I’ve decided to split it into different pages.

Below you’ll find resources for helping you build your own website whether it’s a blog or an E-Commerce store.

Domain Names & Hosting

The first thing you’re going to need no matter what type of website you plan on building is a domain name.

Get Your Domain Name Registered with NameCheap
Simple to Use and Reasonable Prices.

The last domain I registered was with   I had heard only good things about them for a few years, however, I’d been with GoDaddy for so long, I didn’t see the reason to switch.

So when the opportunity came up for me, to register a few new domains, I decided to give NameCheap a try.

(Update: March 2018 It’s been almost a year since I began using NameCheap and I am impressed with their low prices, simple, clean interface and helpful customer service.

SiteGround Web Hosting from $3.95/mo
Dependable Web Hosting Plan I use now.

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Platforms for Blogging

I built this website on WordPress.  I will admit, it is not the easiest for a beginner to get started with, but you have so much flexibility.  It wasn’t my first website, but it’s the largest and longest lasting website I’ve created and I plan on doing a whole lot more here in the coming months and years!

There are many new options out there like:

But for now, I plan on sticking with WordPress.  There is just no other blogging platform that compares to it.

The other blogging options are great for getting started quickly and they offer pre-built themes so there is no coding required.

However, there are limitations, and in many cases there will be features that you want to add but may not have the ability to add because a theme does not have capacity for it.

Squarespace would probably be my first choice if I needed to create a quick professional site that could be easily maintained by a novice.

Their themes just look so good!

Blog Themes

High-quality WordPress themes can be downloaded from Theme Forest.  They are a part of the Envato Marketplace and I’ve been using their themes, code, and even music for years!

One Away was built on the Himmelen theme for about 3 years now, and I was happy with it, but felt it was time for a change.  So I switched domain names and the theme to the Vagabonds Theme by AxiomThemes.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Elegant Themes

I began with an Elegant Themes Theme initially a few years ago.  I am no longer using that theme, but I remember they offered great customer support and just recently came out with an amazing new theme called Divi 3.0 that is equipped with a super-fast visual page builder that allows you to edit your theme in real-time!

I am not an affiliate for them either, but here is a link if you are interested in checking out their themes.

WordPress Plugins
Platforms for E-Commerce
Get Free Trial Started on Shopify TodayShopify

I’ve been using Shopify as the platform of my E-Commerce stores for 3 years now.  Drop shipping directly with Manufacturers in a few different niches, has been the business model I’ve used for these stores.

I currently have 2 stores open and have had to shut down 2 others.  It’s definitely not as easy as the dropship evangelists make it out to be.  It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to begin to see profitable results, especially with increasing amounts of competition.

I’ve strived to redefine my goals quite frequently and will continue working on scaling these businesses.

As far as E-Commerce platforms go, I highly recommend Shopify, for its ease of use, its wide variety of plugins, design and payment process options.

They’ve even recently added cross-selling compatibility with Amazon, with new built-in features.

Other notable E-Commerce platforms include:
Big Commerce

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