Saint Mary Jamaica - Where me come from
I wasn't always so proud of my heritage. As a teenager, I often neglected to mention that I was Jamaican, until my friends would meet my parents and ask me where they were from because they had funny accents to them. To me, it didn't exist and I
Why did I quit travel blogging and what have I been doing for the last year? I'll try to explain a little, but let me start from the beginning.
In early 2012, I lost my home to foreclosure even while I was working a comfortable I.T. job with a decent salary. As a result, I moved back in with my parents and put my "stuff" in storage.  As traumatic as the whole ordeal was for me, I was convinced by a friend that a trip to Thailand would lift my spirits. Despite some anxiety, about traveling to Asia, I was brimming with excitement for the unknown. During that first trip to Thailand in 2012, I realized
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