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You seem to travel a lot. Are you rich or what?

Actually, in the last 5 years, we’ve traveled out of our hometown an average of 2 times a year. That isn’t much compared to many full-time travel bloggers.  We are mostly rich in life experiences because we make it a priority to get out of our comfort zones whenever we possibly can.

Why did you start a travel blog if you aren't traveling full-time?

I first started building this website in 2013, about 3 months before I planned to move to Thailand. I was a full-time Software QA Analyst and I was intending to find remote work.  I decided to take a course in teaching English in Thailand as a backup plan. (Back-story here)

This blog was meant to be the journal of that experience. Even though I’m not traveling as much as I had originally dreamed, I am continuing to work on personal projects that will help me become more location independent.

Why is this site called One Away, when there are two of you traveling?

When I created the site I came up with the name One Away, because it was actually the title of one of my many favorite reggae songs by an artist named Sizzla. It is a complicated song to explain.

But for me, I interpreted it as meaning taking one step at a time and always moving forward, despite what the accepted norm is, despite conspiracy theories, we always continue trodding (walking) forward our own way and not the way of the system(The Matrix).

And more simply, it sounded like a good way to express my solo journey moving away to a foreign country.

In 2015, I met Betina and again in a deeper, and more spiritual sense, we began to see ourselves together and our collective consciousness as being One Consciousness expressing itself in everything and everyone around us. So it still applies.

Some think it sounds like a play on words like run away, and that’s fine too 🙂

Aren't you afraid of the potential dangers when traveling to foreign countries?

I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. which is a much more dangerous place than almost everywhere I’ve visited, if you look at crime statistics.

I try not to focus on the dangers, but believe me, I am well aware of most potential dangers, before I go to a new place.

I usually try to find out about any serious concerns and I will talk to locals to get a feel.


What books would you recommend for travel inspiration?

There are plenty will update soon.

Start with Audiobook Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.

If you had to do it all over again, would you?

Absolutely! Will explain more later.

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