Chiang Mai - Cost of Liviing

Living in Chiang Mai… “Is it really affordable?”

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable. -Clifton Fadiman Living in Chiang Mai Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia and South America, are all known for their low cost of living. Well, if you didn’t know, now you know.   Thailand ranked #9 on Forbes magazine’s Top Ten list of best places to retire in 2013.  Chiang…

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Nirvana On The Beach Negril

Nirvana On The Beach – Negril

The more emphasis we put on wanting things to change, the more unpeaceful we will be. The more emphasis we put on accepting and having gratitude for ‘What is’ the closer we are to arriving at Nirvana. – Matthew Donnelly Nirvana On The Beach Summer, is right around the corner, well, depending on when you are reading this, it could be right now! Either way, it’s never winter in Jamaica, and it’s always party time…

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Bombora Surf Camp – Learn to Surf in Bali!

– Bombora Surf Camp – You can eat, sleep, and surf in Bali, for a lot cheaper than many other surfing destinations and even if you aren’t into surfing, there is plenty to do, or not do.  The plane ticket will be the most expensive part, but what you need to do is make a plan and stick to it. You can buy more electronic gadgets, clothing, and “stuff” for the house or apartment or…

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Cost of living in Thailand

Cost of Living in Thailand – Video

Cost of Living In Thailand This solo traveler decides to quit his job and move halfway around the world to experience a new way of life. After a 2 week vacation trip to Southeast Asia in 2012 I was hooked. In 2013, I moved to Southeast Asia.   I lived in Chiang Mai for 5 months and spent 1 month in Bali, Indonesia.  Both of these locations are known for their low cost of living,…

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Malee’s Bungalows – Chiang Dao

– Finding Malee’s Bungalows – Lucky for me – It may have been luck that I was able to find vacancy at Malee’s Bungalows because it wasn’t my first choice for accommodations in Chiang Dao, BUT, that’s only because I found Chiang Dao Nest first. This trip was in early November 2013, immediately after returning from a visa run in Laos.  I was in a rush and only did a little research on places to stay before I left for…

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Darling Viewpoint Resort – Pai

Darling Viewpoint Resort was the first place I ever stayed in Pai, and the only place!  I’ve had plenty of other options, but I just kept going back.  There are many beautiful places to stay, but I didn’t try anywhere new, partly because it was a familiar place that feels like home, and because I wanted to see how Darling was doing and hear her call me “Darling”.  It’s so cute when she says it!…

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