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Things To Do In Krabi Thailand: Tiger Cave Temple

The secret of adventure, then, is not to carefully seek it out but to travel in such a way that it finds you. To do this, you first need to overcome the protective habits of home and open yourself up to unpredictability. Rolf Potts, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel Arriving at Tiger Cave Temple – Krabi Tiger Cave Temple is known locally as Wat Tham Seua to Thai people…

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Koh Phi-Phi-Fire Dancer

First Trip to Thailand III – Nightlife in Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi & Phuket

This is the final edited part of my experiences during my first 2 week trip to Thailand in 2012. Again, this is the trip that ruined my sense of what I previously considered truly living.  No, seriously. Maybe I am overly dramatic, or maybe I just really enjoy an adventure, more than most average people.   I always have been an adrenaline junkie, to a degree. Or This was just the beginning of a mid-life…

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The Dawn of Happiness – Sukhothai Historical Park

Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.
-Rose Lane
Instead of flying down to Phuket, from Chiang Mai, I took the scenic route by land and stopped in Sukhothai which I actually didn’t really know much about at the time. I remembered seeing a picture of the ancient ruins…

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Tup Island-Krabi-Thailand

First Trip To Thailand 2012 – Part One

– Trip to Thailand 2012 – Part One – Here is part one of my first trip I made to Thailand in 2012.  I am still learning about video editing, and hope to have much better quality the next time around. From Airplanes to Tuk-Tuks to Longtail Boats, Water Taxis, Motorbikes, Escalators, Trains and Mini-buses, we covered it all on my first trip to Thailand. This is the trip that changed my whole perspective on…

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Midnight Train to Chiang Mai

Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.” ~ Robert M. Pirsig, Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values Three Days in Bangkok Noph and Pet welcomed me to Bangkok for the second time in 2013.  After over 24 hours of flights and layovers, I was totally jet-lagged but so excited at the same time!  Bangkok (BKK) is such a vibrant city.  I only spent a few days…

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Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

The Most Beautiful Coffee Shop in Chiang Dao.

– Sa Nae Doi Luang – Charm of Big Mountain – Chiang Dao – On my way to Chiang Dao, I passed this coffee shop/restaurant and ordered probably the best tasting Watermelon shake I had in Thailand. Every fruit shake I ordered was great anywhere I went, but they definitely added something to this that made it even better or maybe I was just thirsty.  Either way it was delicious. On the road to Chiang…

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