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Got A New Board!

Hey! I just feel it’s time to start sharing some videos, stories, photos, or whatever I can instead of hoarding all of the content I make onto my hard drives.

Last year, I recorded a video unboxing I did of my surfboard on the day it arrived from Utah by UPS.

I did a lot of research to buy a new surfboard before my 50th Birthday trip to Costa Rica! But it didn’t all work out the way I dreamed it would, but does it ever, better or worse!

After a few days, I realized it is a great board for really good surfing conditions but was still difficult to paddle in small mushy surf.

Much better than my older board, but not as great to me as the hype surrounding it.

If the waves are chest high+ and steep you’ll have a lot of fun, cuz this board flies in a quad fin setup.

However, I thought for me this surfboard would be beefy enough for my size in smaller wave conditions. I was wrong and should have looked a little further in my research.

Truth is, in South Florida, the waves are so weak, I still needed to bump up the board size to a mid-length, so I can have more fun catching even the small ones. I will be investing in a longer board soon!  

I learned this from riding Betina’s 8′ Wavestorm Foam Surfboard. Which has been a joy to ride in smaller surf.

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