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– Joseph Campbell

It’s easy getting around Chiang Mai using tuk-tuks and song thaews.  You can even walk or ride a bicycle to see some of the sights near your hostel or hotel in the Old City, but if you are a little more adventurous, why not rent a motorbike?

Motorbike Chiang Mai - Motorbike Rentals - Lake Huay Tueng Thao
Quiet afternoon at Lake Huay Tueng Thao with the Honda Click 125cc
About 30 mins or less outside of Chiang Mai.

Motorbike Rentals in Chiang Mai

While I was in Chiang Mai, I rented motorbikes from Tony’s Big Bikes, Mr. Mechanic, and Motorbike Chiang Mai.  I started out with Tony’s Big Bikes the very first day I arrived in Chiang Mai because Tyson already had a deal with them. I didn’t want to waste time researching motorbike rentals, since he had already done some of that legwork before me.

First bike from Tony’s and my first day In Chiang Mai @Kad Suan Kaew Mall.
Yes, that’s a KFC in the background. I never ate there though. Well, not that one!

What I initially thought was a good monthly rate, turned out to be much more expensive than the going rate from most of the other motorbike rental options.  They were charging me 3000 bht for every 2 weeks, which is not a fair deal at all, much less a discount.  Which is what they told me they were giving me.  I rented with them for nearly 2 months and had to exchange my bike twice for mechanical issues, mainly I think because the bikes were older and appeared that way.  

I did receive great service from Tony’s Big Bikes.  They requested that I bring the motorbike in at least once a week for service.  They were friendly and they assisted me each time I had a problem with the motorbikes.

For example, when my second motorbike would not start, I was staying outside of town at the Vdara resort near Hang Dong Rd. for school.  They sent out someone to replace the bike, and when I brought it to a local mechanic they helped translate for me.

It is also owned by two Brits, so if you are a westerner, vacationing in Chiang Mai, you may feel the added comfort of renting from someone who speaks English fluently, but this convenience may come with a higher price.

Second motorbike from Tony’s. Another Suzuki Hayate like the first.
In an alley between McDonald’s and Corner of Tha Phae Rd.

I also rented from Mr. Mechanic’s and I believe, I was able to get the entire monthly rental for 3000 baht. I had no problem with them but the quality of the bikes they rented me were not so good.  They worked for me nonetheless and none of them broke down.

After I had signed a contract with Mr. Mechanic, I ran into Maysa, the owner of Motorbike Chiang Mai.  She had visited Puripiman Apartments several times because she had clients there. Now, there is a long story that goes along with this, about how I promised Maysa I would rent from her, after my contract with Big Tony’s, and I totally forgot, because I left for a month to do the English certification course, but, I will spare you the details.

After all was said and done, I began renting with Motorbike Chiang Mai, and it ended up being the best deal for me, and I was able to test drive several of the brand new motorbikes they had in stock over a period of two months. One day, I took the Honda click 125cc, out to Lake Huay Tueng Thao.  It was a gorgeous day, I didn’t stay long, but I cruised around the lake and took a few pictures.

I will feature those in another post. I had the Honda Click 125cc for the majority of 2 months and this was probably my favorite bike.

Motorbike Chiang Mai - Motorbike rentals - Lake Huay Tueng Thao
Honda Click 125cc at Lake Huay Tueng Thao
Motorbike Chiang Mai - Motorbike Rentals - Road to Chiang Dao
The Legendary Honda PCX 150 that got me safely to Chiang Dao and back. A lot of fun for the longer trips.
– Courtesy of Motorbike Chiang Mai –


Motorbike Chiang Mai - Motorbike Rentals Chiang Mai - Honda Zoomer X 110cc
The Honda Zoomer X 110cc
– Courtesy of Motorbike Chiang Mai –

Motorbike Chiang Mai has competitive and affordable prices.  They offer delivery to your hotel, hostel, apartment, or home-stay. Motorbike Chiang Mai is Thai owned and will share their local hospitality with you and help make your vacation sanuk-sanuk. The owner is fluent in English and is on-call for you if there is any problem.

Motorbike Chiang Mai - Motorbike Rentals - Chiang Mai - Honda Zoomer X 110cc
Maysa escorted me down south to Ban Tawaii one afternoon. We switched bikes so I could test out the Zoomer X.

To contact Motorbike Chiang Mai Email: Local#:  084-047-8933

Motorbike Chiang Mai delivers new quality conditioned motorbikes wIth a smile.
You’ll be smiling too!

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Remember if you are in Chiang Mai to check out Motorbike Chiang Mai

Motorbike Rentals -Chiang Mai - Thailand
Motorbikes for Rent in Chiang Mai
Motorbike Rentals -Chiang Mai - Thailand
Wide Selection at Motorbike Chiang Mai


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  • Константин
    Posted February 15, 2015

    Hi Brian. Very useful post. But may be you try before rent motorcycle in Chiang Mai here and can share you experience?

    • Brian | One Away
      Posted February 16, 2015

      Thanks! Looks like you have some nice bikes as well. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

      • Константин
        Posted February 21, 2015


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