Cost of Living In Thailand

This solo traveler decides to quit his job and move halfway around the world to experience a new way of life.

After a 2 week vacation trip to Southeast Asia in 2012 I was hooked.

In 2013, I moved to Southeast Asia.   I lived in Chiang Mai for 5 months and spent 1 month in Bali, Indonesia.  Both of these locations are known for their low cost of living, friendly people, vibrant cultures and excellent food. The cost of living in Thailand was one of the main factors that convinced me to return for an extended time.

This is a quick montage of a fraction of the highlights during that eventful time.

The adventure began with a family trip to Jamaica in July 2013.  I relocated to Thailand immediately after.  I completed an intensive 1 month long Teaching English Certification course in Chiang Mai, then, I traveled around Thailand, nearly got arrested in Laos, surfed Padang Padang and motorbiked at the base of an active volcano in Bali.

Best Places To Retire 2014 – Forbes Magazine

YOLO – You only live once.


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